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Revenge from Heaven – Revanssia taivaasta

So, we see here a familiar theme, how rich, wide and colourfull life given by Lord actually is. - Tässä näämme tutun teeman: Miten rikas, laaja ja värikäs on Herran lahjoittama elämä.

Manifestation of Lord Almighty

Today I am to continue with the item When we see life in dry places, even taking a deeper sight of the matter asking When do we see the life […]

When we see life in dry places

Translated from Elamaa siella, missa ei pitaisi published 12th May 2012 by Pauliina Kuikka. – Suomeksi artikkeli löytyy linkistä Elamaa siella, missa ei pitaisi There have been photos of Sapokka and […]

Toward new…

Lord is saying through this Word: Be ready, take you courage, be ready, look around, Lord is your Redeemer, Lord is your Saviour. He will do according to His Word […]

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