Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

Valokuvauksen myötä olen uudestaan astunut värien maailmaan. Olen vaikuttunut kauneuden äärellä, jonka kamera pystyy tallentamaan usein vain osittain. By photographing I have stepped once more to the world of colours. I have impressed by the beauty around me, the beauty which a camera may only partially save. --- At least once a week I will [...]

Barriers which block the Blessing (part 2) – Look where you sow

The article of today is near which I wrote yesterday: If the Word/teaching is out of context, we aren´t able to see results desired. I shall give a point of view to the fact that some times we can´t to see results because we conclude Word/teaching by wrong way. Let me give an example: tithes/offers. [...]

Barriers which block Blessing (part 1) – A Wrong Conclusion

I promised to handle with the item what kind of things are prohibiting to see this word/promises fullfilled. In this article I shall open a bit a matter of the fact that sometimes we handle word/promises in wrong context. Yesterday I get a comment including totally opposite word/message than mine. In addition to this also [...]

Manifestation of Lord Almighty

Today I am to continue with the item When we see life in dry places, even taking a deeper sight of the matter asking When do we see the life in dry places? If you ask me, the key is in the words "thus says Lord", "I will open", "I will cause", "I will brig" [...]

When we see life in dry places

Translated from Elamaa siella, missa ei pitaisi published 12th May 2012 by Pauliina Kuikka. - Suomeksi artikkeli löytyy linkistä Elamaa siella, missa ei pitaisi There have been photos of Sapokka and Katariina in my blog in lastest days. Sapokka and Katariina are parks in Kotka City in Finland. Both Kotka and Sapokka have been/looked like much [...]

Toward new…

Lord is saying through this Word: Be ready, take you courage, be ready, look around, Lord is your Redeemer, Lord is your Saviour. He will do according to His Word in your life too. It doesn´t matter what is in your past. It doesn´t matter, which kind of mess or defeat you have. It doesn´t [...]