Barriers blocking Blessings (part 3) – The context

I mentioned before the promise written in Joel ”grain, grape juice and oil”. This promise is in its own context when we remember that there were time of deep repent and putting life in order with Lord before that promise and its fulfilling. In that context we may see the recompense by Lord.

At the same time, we haven´t to notice that caterpillars weren´t the original plan of Lord. Those were result of going way from the way, commanded and planned by Lord. Coming back to the way of Lord has ”recompense” as a result. The same conclusion we may find all around Old Testament.

No every difficulty in ones life is a result of wrong decisions. Anyway, in my life, many of those difficulties have been results of the fact that I have been too busy to make decisions and I haven´t time wait Lord and His opinion and I haven´t used the measure of peace including the decision. Many of caterpillars in my life have been because of my own sake.

Fortunatelly, Lord is mercy and He may give a new, fresh begining even after wrong choices and time of caterpillars.

Anyway, before decisions, it is time to ask the opinion of Lord! It may be wisest thing to do to avoid difficulties.


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